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Religion and spirituality are two things that are probably the most difficult to define in definite terms.It would be wrong to say that spirituality and religion don’t go hand in hand because they do; the only difference is that while religion is an organized system that pays homage to a god, spirituality is something that does not always need a deity to define the parameters of the person’s spiritual conduct.1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 STRUCTURE 1.1.1 DEMARCATION 1.1.2 PROCESS 2 CULTURAL FUNDAMENTALS 2.1 DEFINITION OF CULTURE 2.2 DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE 2.2.1 INDIVIDUALISM INDEX 2.3 CULTURAL INFLUENCE ON COMMUNICATION 2.4 CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE 3 ONLINE DATING - AN OVERVIEW 3.1 DESCRIPTION/DESCRIPTION 3.2 TYPES OF ONLINE DATING 4 EMPIRICAL RESEARCH OF SELECTED ONLINE DATING MARKETS 4.1 METHODOLOGY 4.2 USA 4.2.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF AMERICAN CULTURE 4.2.2 DATING IN USA 4.2.3 EHARMONY A profile Prices and Service 4.3 GERMANY 4.3.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF GERMAN CULTURE 4.3.2 DATING IN GERMANY 4.3.3 PARSHIP A profile Prices and Service 4.4 INDIA 4.4.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIAN CULTURE 4.4.2 DATING IN INDIA 4.4.3 SHAADI A profile Prices and Services 4.5 JAPAN 4.5.1 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE JAPANESE CULTURE 4.5.2 DATING IN JAPAN 4.5.3 O-NET profile Prices and Services 5 FINDINGS 5.1 SIMILARITIES 5.2 DIFFERENCES 6 CONCLUSION SOURCES APPENDIX Fig. ways of communication in online dating, marketing of online dating providers, design of website user interface, website content, etc. A cross-cultural comparison within online dating also means having the choice between various points of view: e.g.Although he used slightly more moderate tones, Schleiermacher demanded their renunciation of certain aspects of Judaism and public assurances of their fidelity.The practical consequence of this widespread pressure were the baptisms of convenience.If you would like to participate in the project, you can choose to edit this article, or visit the project page for more information.At various times, the article has listed their 1-800 number for customer service. If the number were listed in plain sight on their web site, then listing it here would be pointless. I challenge you to find that number anywhere on their web site: I wasn't able to!

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There are many Religious dating sites to choose from.

Some examples of religious leaders would be people like the Dalai Lama and Pope Benedict XVI while a list of spiritual leaders would include people like the famous Osho Rajneesh.

It is natural, at this point, to look for more information about these people and others like then so here is a list of just such people along with their biographies, timelines, trivia, life stories and interesting facts about them.

Because of this, the stated basis for the recent deletion doesn't apply.

It is of encyclopedic and practical value to list this number, especially since people need it if they want to cancel. If you disagree, please explain your reasoning here and gain consensus before acting, so we can avoid edit wars. You've explained the practical value of the customer service number, which is not a strong consideration (quite a bit of practical or useful content is excluded per WP: NOT), but have not supported your claim that it is appropriate for an encyclopedia article.

8: „Plan for marriage“,Online Dating - A cross-cultural comparison of matchmaking websites in the United States of America, Germany, India, and Japan “We are all born and raised into a nation, a community and a family.