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Making her junior international debut, Ando won both of her 2001–02 ISU Junior Grand Prix (JGP) assignments and qualified for the JGP Final, where she also won gold.

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Approximately 97% of our files are now hosted on Multiupload, which distributes files to popular file hosting servers. Because of the extra effort required to acquire, upload, and/or create the following files, the downloads listed below are available ONLY to forum members: We try to credit all our sources, however, some of our files are missing their creditors.They exchanged contacts at that time and started to communicate frequently.” – same insider They then started their “cautious dating”, usually going to each other’s homes and never meeting outside. Itou would cook and do the housekeeping, supporting her busy boyfriend. She seems to have introduced him to her family too” – previous insider Last November, Itou was asked by the press “Don’t you want to get married?